LIRO Alu-Vario 50 S

LIRO Alu-Vario 50 S

Base size: appr. 50 kg




LIRO Alu-Vario 50 S

The new LIRO Alu-Vario impresses with its straightforward and elegant design. In addition to its mobility, the Alu-Vario is exceptionally sturdy and resilient.

Besondere Merkmale

  • the stand frame and the stand cover are made of aluminium
  • depending on your needs, the weight class varies 50 kg
  • the stand cover is steady and walkable
Article No.Colour | DesignSizeBase Weight

Gewichtsklasse V1

V1S-50-04anthracite55 x 55 cm50 kg
V1S-50-03graphite55 x 55 cm50 kg
V1S-50-01white55 x 55 cm50 kg
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