The mobile parasol base with unique Lift & Roll technology

Welcome to the LIRO website, the mobile parasol stand with a unique worldwide operating concept. Thanks to our patented Lift & Roll technology, parasols of all sizes can be moved effortlessly. Developed in Germany from the highest quality materials and with great attention to detail.

Playfully easy operation

Highest quality and longevity

Various shapes and sizes

Brand new: LIRO Maxi Plus

Discover our latest product innovation for extra large parasols: The LIRO Maxi Plus! With a weight of 120, 180 or 240 kg, it offers even the largest parasols a secure hold.

The combination of high-quality ceramic cover plates and robust stainless steel frame not only gives a timelessly elegant design, but also offers long-lasting quality. And thanks to our latest multi-flange technology, almost all types of umbrellas can be mounted without any problems.

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Make yourself comfortable

Are you tired of having to laboriously move your parasol stand again and again on hot summer days? Are you looking for a high-quality mobile parasol stand that saves you this effort? You have come to the right place.

Since 2003 we have been the pioneer for exclusive, mobile parasol stands, and with the LIRO we have developed an innovative product with which you can effortlessly move parasols of almost all sizes. With our patented Lift & Roll technology, you can activate the 360° mobile chassis with just one movement and roll your parasol on your terrace with ease.

Defy any weather

Our LIRO models are protected against moss, mould or UV radiation.

Protect against wear and tear

Thanks to rubberised rollers, it is particularly gentle on any surface, even on sensitive wooden floors.

For all parasols

Compatible with almost all traffic lights and general parasols established on the market.

360° range of motion

Our LIRO models can be easily moved in any direction.

Best quality

Maximum durability thanks to the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Diverse assortment

Our models are available in many shapes, sizes and weight classes (35 to 150 kg).

Modern design

Elegant, linear optics. Regardless of whether it is a high-quality plastic hood or natural stone.

Patented construction

With our patented Lift & Roll technology, you can move your parasol effortlessly.

Who is our parasol stand suitable for?

LIRO Sonnenschirmständer mit Rollen

For your home

The LIRO parasol stand is a perfect companion for every household. Thanks to the many sizes and designs, you are guaranteed to find the suitable parasol stand. Whether a narrow balcony or a large terrace.

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LIRO Sonnenschirmständer im Restaurant

For businesses

The LIRO parasol base is also wonderfully suitable for restaurant, beer garden or pub owners. So you can easily move your parasols in the garden at the start of business and back in, at the end of the day.

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For traders

Would you like to offer our parasol stands in your shop or online shop? Then you will become part of over 250 dealers in Germany and over 100 dealers internationally who have our products in their range.

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A selection of our products

Our LIRO parasol stands are available in many different colours, shapes and weight classes. It doesn't matter whether it's a small, practical stand for the balcony or a large, solid stand for cantilever parasols. Our models can be easily moved in any weight class (35 to 150 kg). Below you will find a selection of our high-quality parasol stands. You can find an overview of our product range in our ➞ current product catalogue.


LIRO Alu Vario

LIRO Alu-Vario K V1K-50-03

LIRO Alu Vario


LIRO Midi Plus

LIRO Mini plus 45S

LIRO Mini Plus

LIRO Mini 35S


LIRO Midi 60K


LIRO Maxi 150MF


LIRO maxi 120150S



LIRO Maxi Plus

LIRO Midi 70 K Granit

LIRO Midi Granit

LIRO Mini Plus 50 S Granit

LIRO Mini Plus Granit

LIRO Mini Transparent

LIRO Mini Plus Transparent GmbH

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LIRO - The mobile parasol stand with wheels

Why is a movable parasol stand worthwhile?

A parasol stand is available in many different variations and price ranges. Anything is possible, from inexpensive plastic containers that can be filled with sand or water to massive parasol stands made of granite or steel. The larger the parasol, the heavier the stand has to be. It is all the more strenuous to move the parasol stand. Be it because of the sun's hike on a hot summer's day or moving it into the shed every day to protect the parasol stand from the weather overnight. A rolling parasol stand is the perfect choice to avoid these hassles and bring more relief and comfort to your precious free time.

But there are also many differences among the mobile parasol stands. For example, stands are offered with fixed castors that can be fixed with a parking brake. Parasol stands equipped with just two wheels attached to the side, which can be moved by lifting them with an extendible handle, are also an option.

When we took a closer look at the mobile parasol stand market, we asked ourselves whether there wasn't a better way to move a heavy parasol stand. After an intensive development phase, we have brought an innovative product onto the market with the LIRO parasol base, which perfects the mobility of parasol bases.

The advantages of the Lift & Roll system

Our unique and patented "Lift & Roll Technology" offers many advantages over the conventional movable parasol stands. Parasol stands with fixed rollers are usually not particularly stable and can quickly cause problems, especially in stronger winds. In addition, the rollers can wear out quickly. Stands with side-mounted casters, on the other hand, require bending down to move the stand.

With the LIRO parasol stand, the rollers are only used when the stand needs to be moved. In this way, you increase the longevity of the roller construction many times over and at the same time, maximise the stability of the stand. So you really defy all weather conditions.

Another plus point is their particularly convenient operation. Thanks to the long lever on the parasol stand, you no longer have to bend down or laboriously release the parking brakes. A flick of the lever is enough to comfortably move the parasol stand while standing upright and then to make it stable again.

We focus on quality & design

All our parasol stands meet the highest quality standards and are made from high-quality materials. It doesn't matter whether it's solid natural stone (granite) or a stable metal construction with a replaceable plastic or aluminium hood.

Our LIRO models are not only a visual highlight but above all, designed to make your life easier for many years to come.

Best possible protection against weather

Thanks to the special design, there is constant air circulation in the LIRO parasol stand, which effectively prevents the formation of moss or mould. The hoods of the stand are made of special UV and weather-resistant materials, and the robust stand frame is galvanised and powder-coated, which protects it from any form of corrosion.

The underground? Doesn't matter!

No matter whether old town pavement or wooden terraces. Our parasol stands move without any problems on almost all solid surfaces and is also particularly gentle thanks to the rubberised castors and feet. Even sensitive wooden floors are thus optimally protected against wear and tear.

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